Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers. Dive into our FAQs to find helpful information about Metarina.

What is Metarina?

Metarina is a marina management software aimed at growing your marina business. As your stand-alone solution or as an upgrade to your existing software, Metarina is designed not only to generate additional revenue streams, but also to streamline operations and improve every customer interaction with your long-term berth holders and transit guests, throughout their entire journey from enquiry to departure.

How can Metarina improve my marina's operations?

Metarina automates daily tasks, eliminates manual work, helps increase berth occupancy, and offers tools for effective upselling, making your marina more efficient and promoting growth.

Can Metarina work with my current management system?

Yes of course, Metarina is built to integrate smoothly with your existing setup, adding growth functionalities without disrupting your ongoing operations. Get in touch to find out how this works.

I’m happy with my current management setup; where can Metarina still add value?

It's great to hear that your current processes are working well! Metarina isn't about replacing them; it's about optimising and future-proofing your marina management. By incorporating Metarina, you can stay ahead of industry trends, improve your customers' experience in the marina and ensure that you generate additional revenue streams, effectively growing your marina business.

Will switching to Metarina disrupt our current workflow?

No, our experienced onboarding team ensures a smooth transition to Metarina through comprehensive staff training. We're fully committed to supporting you throughout the process, including providing on-site support to the team until the transition is complete.

How easy will it be for my team to get used to a new system?

If your team knows how to order a taxi with Uber or write a post on social media, they will find it easy to adapt to the modern Metarina experience. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the transition, allowing them to leave behind the complexity of the old software and embrace a fresh, modern and efficient user experience of the future.

What growth benefits does Metarina offer?

Metarina is the only marina management software designed to grow your marina business by streamlining essential tasks, optimising berth utilisation, and making it easier to up-sell additional services, enhancing revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

How does Metarina make my customers happier?

Metarina helps you improve the customer experience in your marina through streamlined, easy and fast check-in, efficient communication and service offerings, leading to high satisfaction rates.

How does Metarina handle boat mooring and reservations?

Metarina consolidates all booking enquiries in one place, so your marina team can ensure consistent and timely responses to your customers. Its intuitive booking system displays real-time berth availability and simplifies reservation management, benefiting both marina staff and boaters.

How does Metarina improve communication with boat owners?

Metarina uses automated notifications and a customer portal for clear and timely communication with boat owners.

How does Metarina handle payment processing and financial management?

Metarina includes billing and invoicing tools, supports secure payment processing, and allows for the export of financial reports for use in accounting.

Does Metarina include accounting features?

Metarina offers financial tracking and reporting capabilities to aid in managing your marina's finances. These reports can be exported for use in your accounting processes.

What data security measures are in place with Metarina?

Metarina ensures data security with advanced encryption, adherence to privacy laws, and strict security protocols.

Is Metarina available on mobile?

Yes, there's a mobile version of Metarina that allows your marina to manage its operations from wherever you are and allows boaters to manage their berth bookings, boat details and digital documents online and on the water.

Is there training material for new Metarina users?

Metarina ensures new users are well-supported with a comprehensive suite of training materials such as tutorials and webinars. Metarina’s customer support team offers an extensive onboarding process customised to your requirements, guiding you every step of the way.

What kind of customer support does Metarina offer?

Metarina delivers comprehensive support through our dedicated customer service, ensuring you receive prompt, effective assistance and never feel left behind.

How is Metarina priced?

Metarina offers different price levels to fit marinas of all sizes and requirements. Each level clearly indicates what it includes, making it easier for you to pick the plan that suits your budget.

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