Marina Story | Port Roses

Marina Story | Port Roses

About the Marina

Port Roses is a scenic marina located in the coastal town of Roses, Catalonia, Spain, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. As a public marina, it attracts sailors from all over Europe. With over 480 berths, Port Roses can accommodate a wide range of vessels, from small boats to larger yachts up to 35 metres in length. The marina's proximity to France makes it a popular destination for transit yachts wishing to make Port Roses their first Spanish destination.

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People behind the Success Story

Anna Martí Barneda is the operational manager at Port Roses since many years. She is coordinating her team in the office and outside in the marina. With her talent and carisma she is leading the team with the focus on customer happiness and operational excellence. She makes every guest in the marina feel like coming home.

“Partnering with Metarina has been a valuable step forward for us at Port Roses. Their modules help us to improve the way we engage with our guests and provide a more personalised experience. In particular, the sub-rental module is a standout, allowing resident guests to communicate their berth availability in the marina, while providing more berths for visitors. This not only increases our occupancy rate and therefore new opportunities for revenue growth, but also improves the overall marina experience for our guests. Our team is grateful for the support and innovation that Metarina brings to our operations. We look forward to continuing our work with Metarina, constantly looking for ways to improve our services and enrich the experience of all our guests.”

Anna Martí Barneda, Operational Manager Port de Roses, Spain

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